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                                                 Lucario Story

This is the story of A Lucario with tasks that require the power of the legendary’s them selves a story of action betrayal defeat and death this I all begins on Iron Island in the region of Sinnoh in a cave where two Lucario eggs are being hatched one of the eggs begins to crack and a new born Riolu emerges and is given a berry as the first thing he eats in this world and A little later the second egg hatchs and is given the same treatment as his older brother.

Now sons I will be training you both the fight and protect the Lucario pack the leader of the Lucarios on Iron island said to his sons who were just born yesterday. They both noded there heads in agreement and begin training, first off I will teach you how to use the most basic Lucario technique the Force Palm he says the points at a rock and closes his eye’s then a blue aura glows from his palm and the rock shatters into pieces. Now you try he says the two young Riolu each run to a rock the first born walks up to a rock larger than than the one the father destoryed and shatterd it easly, impressive the father says the second born walks to A rock smaller than the one his brother or father destoryed and he barlely makes a dent in the rock the father walks over to the young pokemon and says “It’s alright you will get it sooner or later” he looks up at his father and smiles and the three of them walk back to the territory of the lucario.

A few months later the sons are trained well still riolu but powerful for there age but the older one ventures deeper into the cave looking for food the suddenly a Gravler attacks him, your in my part of the cave  and now I’ll have to crush you the gravler say with a grin the young riolu was strong so he took on the gravler in a one on one the only attcks he knew were force palm, quick attack, and drain punch he ran at the gravler and used force palm to knock him of balance the drain punch to lower his energy but the gravler still had fight in him he swung his arm and knocked the riolu into a wall as he hit the wall he knocked A stone loose from the wall a purple stone fell and landed in the riolus hands it was A Dusk Stone the young pokemon gazed into the stone as he looked into the endless darkness of it he then tried to use force palm but other than the blue aura A dark purple aura replaced it the effects of the dusk stone interfeard with his aura and made him more powerful extremly more powerful he used quick attack and chraged the gravler and  knocked him into a wall he fainted from defeat the riolu then looked at the stone again the griped it tightly.

Two weeks later he was wearing the dusk stone around his neck mean while his brother was training hard in the caves trying to catch up to his brother in power, the dusk stone was making him more powerful but also more agessive his mother and father tried to get him the get rid of it but he would not listen. The leader of the pack created a team to travel deeper into the cave to expand there territory in the cave as the went contiued the team was attacker by two steelix, your in our part of the cave now little lucarios do you have a death wish? The steelix said sure that it could destory the lucarios easly, no you giant hunks of scrap metal better clear out befoer I’m forced to destory you the riolu said with a smurk grin. So the smallest one wants to die first I’m fine with that the steelix the tried to ram the riolu but he just used force palm and stoped him dead in his tracks the pushed his arm forward a little more and sent the steelix flying into the other knocking them both out easly, Two weaklings out of the way I’m going back home there not even worth my time the riolu said walking away. Whoa your son is powerful leader what kind of training did you give him? This is not the results of training he must be taken care of  permanently.
A fan-fic of my favorite pokemon I made a while back but my computer got messed up and I lost everything so I remade it, enjoy.
ThatOneSaint Featured By Owner May 4, 2008
wow. this seems interesting
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no prob=D
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